British Showjumping

british showjumping

Janice and Alan Mewse have been running BS shows in the North East for a number of years.


Qualifiers to be announced soon !!!
October 2nd Juniors at REC
October 12th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
October 15th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
October 16th Juniors at Stainsby

November 6th Juniors at Stainsby
November 9th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
November 12th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
November  19th Juniors at REC
November  23rd Cat 2 Seniors at REC

December  4th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
December  11th Juniors at REC
December  27th Juniors at REC
December  28th Seniors at REC
January 4th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
January 14th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
January 28th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
January 29th Cat 2 Seniors at REC including WINTER NOVICE QUALIFIER FOR HICKSTEAD

February 21st Juniors at REC
February 22nd Cat 2 Seniors at REC
February 25th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
February 26th Juniors at REC

March 8th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
March 11th Juniors at REC
March 18th-19th 2 day JUNIOR SPECTACULAR at REC
March 26th Cat 2 Seniors at REC
March 29th Cat 2 Seniors at REC

Upcoming BS Diary Dates

Date Venue Event Schedule
02/06/2019 Waterford Equestrian, Langley Park, Co Durham Senior BS Cat 2 (09:00:00)  View Schedule online
09/06/2019 REC Arenas Senior BS Cat2 (09:00:00)  View Schedule online
26/06/2019 REC Arenas Senior BS Cat2    
13/07/2019 Waterford Equestrian, Langley Park, Co Durham Earl Durham BS Seniors (09:45:00)  View Schedule online
14/07/2019 Waterford Equestrian, Langley Park, Co Durham Earl Durham BS Seniors    


  1. Entries will be taken on the day of the show. Unless otherwise stated in schedule
  2. Rule 76.6 will be applied to all BS classes unless otherwise stated and prize money awarded according to ratio of entries.
  3. The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant or spectator, horse, vehicle or property, howsoever caused in conjunction with or arising out of the show.
  4. Competitors must wear correct Riding clothes in accordance with BS rules.
  5. It is mandatory for all members to wear a protective helmet to British Standard EN1384, ASTM F 1163 or PAS 015.
  6. Lunging is not permitted anywhere on the showground.
  7. In the event of insufficient starters in any class, prize money will be withheld
  8. Rule 82.21 No member shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete, in any show jumping competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure other members of the public are not put at risk of injury.’
  9. Any objections must be made to the organiser within 30 minutes of the completion of the event, accompanied by a deposit of £100 which may be forfeited if the objection is overruled. The decision of the judges is final.
  10. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate classes at their discretion.
  11. All entries must be booked and paid for. Refunds at shows discretion.
  12. All dogs must be kept on leads.
  13. Children under 16 must be supervised at all times.
  14. Distribution of leaflets and or advertising material must be checked with show secretary.
  15. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition and or Show site.


01/06/2019. Junior BS REC Arenas.

02/06/2019. Senior BS Cat 2 Waterford Equestrian, Langley Park, Co Durham.

09/06/2019. Senior BS Cat2 REC Arenas.

29/06/2019. Junior BS REC Arenas.


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Treacle - gone but never forgotten

Part of our family for 22 years 
Passed away peacefully 11/7/11


Max, you will always be remembered.

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