Durham Senior Category 2 Includes Scope G.Heath 85, Tacklockers 1m Discovery, Buckaroo 1.05m

1 Graham Heath 85cm

 1Rachel  Mason  Owens Pride  Q
 2Grace  Hall  Asbo III  Q
 3Courtney  Thompson  Dwyfach Mabon  Q

2 90cm Open

 1Holly  Johnston  LUX Jazzy  
 2Brittney  Johnson  Silver Chip  

2 KBIS Insurance British Novice

 1Katy  Summer  Ariski I  
 2Gail  Mcdonnell  Filled Heart  
 3Dannielle  Tannerhill  Diego X  

3 Tacklockers Masters

 1Alison  Lines  Wrigeletto  Q
 2Gail  Mcdonnell   Filled Heart  Q
 3Anneli  Larson  Southburn Second Chance  Q

4 Buckaroo Adventurer Qualifier

 1Holly  Gair   Velvet E   Q
 2Holly  Gair  Forever Too  Q
 3Alison  Lines  Wrigeletto  Q

5 Burgham Owen Pugh Qualifier

 1Holly  Gair   Usita Champ  Q
 2Holly  Gair   Bowes Milky Way  Q
 3Tyne  Doyle   Zahina   Q
 4Abi  Hall  Argento   Q
 5Gail  Mcdonnell  Gibside Queen Bee  Q

6 Connollys Red Mills Newcomers / 1.10m open

 1Holly  Gair  Usita Champ  
 2Emma  Denton  Chellie Emma  
 3Claire  Gibson  Rebelsa R  


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Treacle - gone but never forgotten

Part of our family for 22 years 
Passed away peacefully 11/7/11


Max, you will always be remembered.